About us

Find your future by planning it correctly. We provide personalized planning solutions that are made just for you.


Whether you need to keep a to-do list at home, create your next big idea at work, or schedule your plans for next week, we at Primerboard will help you get the job done!


We believe that everyone should share their concepts and ideas. And, of course, using whiteboards is one of the greatest ways to yield the best results!

Whiteboards can transform even the most complex of ideas into an easy to understand visuals.


We at Primeboard make sure to create whiteboards that will fit your needs like a glove!

Our factory is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and maintains great flexibility to ensure the ultimate solution for each and every person.


By using the crop of the cream when it comes to materials, and completely flexible designs coupled with unmatched craftsmanship - we create one-of-a-kind solutions for you, that help you save time by planning and organizing in the most effective way possible.